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    Remax - RM-201 In-Ear Headphones

    Manufacturer: iRemax
    Condition:: New
    Connectivity: Wired
    Builtin devices: Wired,clean and Mic for Talking
    Vendor: ALRAWABI
    i h

    Experience new music listening with the Remax RM-201 wired headphones with a rugged, anti-tangle design and rich, balanced and warm sound.

    Remax RM-201 wired headphones 1

    Modern design, effective anti-tangle

    If you are looking for a wired headset with a modern design, personality but no less luxurious and classy, ​​the Remax RM-201 is an option not to be missed.

    The structure of the headset is similar to that of other headphones with 3.5 jacks, cable and 2 headphone buttons, meeting all user needs. The most prominent highlight of this headset lies in the extremely unique cable design. 

    Remax RM-201 wired headphones 2

    Instead of using the easy-to-see cables like other conventional headphones, the RM-201 is arranged by the manufacturer Remax to add a plastic cover outside. This makes the cable look more modern and personality, but most importantly, effective anti-tangle. Users can curl the cable when not in use without fear of breaking or creating creases on the cable. 

    Remax RM-210 housing section is made from high-quality aluminum alloy material, extremely glossy with impressive edge clawed corners. Housing is completely covered in gray which looks extremely eye-catching and fits the cable design.

    Designed in earbud style, this headset feels extremely easy to wear. Because it only sits on the outside of the ear, the sound will be more airy than in-ear headphones and does not cause discomfort even when listening a lot.

    The ventilation holes are located on the headset to help the ears operate smoothly, without getting hot or wet inside. From there, ensuring a longer time using the headset and safer for users, avoiding numbness when using it.

    Remax RM-201 wired headphones 4

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    According to the manufacturer's announcement, this headset weighs only about 13g, extremely light, you can easily carry it without feeling heavy or entangled, ensuring long-term use. You can completely store the headset easily without worrying about breaking the underground cable inside.

    Remax wired headphones RM-201 5

    The 3.5mm jack is designed extremely firmly, gilded to increase signal transmission, ensuring fast plugging. On the cable integrates the physical control cluster to help the user easily increase / decrease the volume ... simply. 

    It is worth mentioning that with the 3.5mm jack, this wired headset is fully compatible with most audio devices using the 3.5mm plug such as desktops, music players, laptops, electricity. mobile phone ...

    A special feature is that the call control key is located right on the control cluster, making it possible for users to use this headset for convenient conversation. 

    Remax RM-201 wired headphones 6

    Basically, right from the design Remax RM-201 has created a strong impression on the viewer and this makes the user feel more curious about the sound quality that this headset brings. 

    The sound is balanced and warm

    Use the Remax RM-201 and you'll experience the ultimate 6D surround sound. In fact, the sound quality that these headphones bring is considered to be a bit balanced and a bit warm. The mid range is extremely clear and wonderful, the treble provides precise detail, while the bass is firm, compact, and powerful.

    The use of a carbon-afraid composite diaphragm helps headphones accurately capture every sound quality, bringing the clearest, most realistic sound. 

    Remax RM-201 wired headphones 7

    Users of this wired headset can fully enjoy all types of music, from soothing to lively music, while still ensuring the loudest, clearest and most detailed sound. Rest assured that listening to music for a long time will not make this headset heat up, ensuring the safety of the wearer as well as the device.

    In general, the Remax RM-201 wired headset completely gives users a realistic, detailed and vivid audio experience. You can completely use them to listen to music, watch movies and still ensure clear sound quality, easy to listen, not uncomfortable when using for a long time.

    Remax RM-201 wired headphones 8

    In addition, the upgraded sound quality makes Remax RM-201 capable of minimizing noise. You can even use the headphones to listen to music or talk in noisy environments while still sounding good and clear.

    With a beautiful, unique design and impressive sound quality, surely the wired headphones Remax RM-201 will make you feel what the next generation sound is, the best quality and most vivid. If you want to own a headset that uses a 3.5mm jack, the RM-201 is an option that cannot be ignored. 


    Remax RM-201 wired headphones 9

    What are you waiting for without choosing to buy yourself a convenient headset like the Remax RM-201!


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