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Item Condition: New
Brand: Cntorich
Model: 18 Keys
Connection Type: Wireless
Num of Keys: 18
Chargeable: No \ Battery not included
Item Condition: New
Brand: Mikuso
Model: KB-047U
Connection Type: Wired USB 2.0
Num of Keys: 26
Item Condition: New
Brand: Meetion
Model: R390
Connection Type: Wireless
Re-chargeable: Yes \ Integrated Battery
Item Condition: New
Brand: TeamGroup
Model: EX2
Interface: SATA III 6GB
Read/Write Speed: 550MB \ 520MB
Capacity: 512GB
Disk Type: SSD
Brand: Fengjieyingchuang
Model: FJ-HK201
Product Type: HDMI KVM Switch
Output: HDMI/USB
- ميكروفون مدمج. - اكتشف الاتجاه بالصوت. - أكواب أذن مسامية للجلد. - صوت محيطي 360 درجة مع ضوء بارد. - برنامج تشغيل صوت مضبوط 40 مم للحصول على أفضل جودة صوت. - تصميم فوق الأذن لأفضل تجربة استماع. - أفضل اتصال بلوتوث لأفضل جودة صوت. - سهولة الشحن مع منفذ شحن Micro USB. بلوتوث 5 بطارية طويلة الأمد
Condition:: New
Brand:: NComputing
Model:: L300
Type: Thin Client Kit for Virtual Desktops
$170.00 $203.00
Condition:: New
Brand:: NComputing
Model:: N500
Type: 3-in-1 Thin Client Kit for Virtual Desktops
$260.00 $300.00
Condition:: New
Brand:: NComputing
Model:: M300
Type: 3-in-1 Thin Client Kit for Virtual Desktops
$280.00 $350.00
- Built-in microphone. - Figure out direction by sound. - Skin friendly breathable ear cups. - 360 Degree surround sound with cool light. - 40mm Tuned Audio Driver for Best Sound Quality. - Over-the-ear Design for Best Listening Experience. - Best Bluetooth Connection for Best Sound Quality. - Easy to Recharge with Micro USB Charging Port. - Equipped with Audio Cable for Wired Usage. - Wireless connection and wired AUX connection available.
Condition:: New
Brand: Unbranded
Material:Artificial Lather.
Higth: 120 Cementer
Width: 75 Centemter
Depth:50 Centemter
Operating System: 8 Not hacked
Hard Disk Capacity:1TB
Condition:: New
Brand: Remax
Capacity: 1200 mAh
Music time: 4-6 hours
Rated Input: DC5V
Brand:: MeeTion
Condition:: New
Type: Gaming ToolKit
Model: C500 4 In 1
Number of Pieces : 4
27-inch screen IPS w/ LED backlight 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) native resolution 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio 7ms response rate